What's In My Shower?

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

If you're a busybody like myself then you won't be able to help yourself but have a gander and this post. Discover what is in my shower and my thoughts on their performance. Welcome to the wonderful world of inside my shower.

1. Tigi Bed Head Epic Volume Shampoo and Conditioner.
Gah! This stuff smells so good, two words: strawberry fields. No, I am not purely judging or using this hair care just because of the smell. It works fantastically in my hair too! The Tigi Bed Head Epic Volume Shampoo and Conditioner are one of the only lines of volumising products that actually don't weigh down my really long hair.

I have repurchased this many a time and will continue to do so unless someone introduces me to something that can blow my mind and provide me with more volume whilst actually treating my hair so kindly like this does.

2. Clarisonic Mia.
I must admit that I used to love this expensive cleaning device a lot more than I do now that I have replaced the original head with a new one. Is it just me or are they now a lot stiffer and more harsh on the skin? I felt I could use the old head I had both morning and night. Now I find I don't even use my Clarisonic daily anymore. Disappointing, but it still has a place in my routine, just not as often as I would like.

3. The Body Shop Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo.
This is one of the better anti dandruff shampoos I have used. When I moved to the UK my scalp along with everything else became seriously dry (gross). I tried a few products (well know products I will add) and this stuff was the one that actually solved the problem. Now I just use it every now and then to keep my scalp happy and in check.

4. Soap and Glory Flake It Away.

My oh my this scrub is in a whole league of it's own! I can honestly say that my skin feels so soft to the touch after using this stuff. I personally like to use it just before stepping into the shower. I get some out of the pot and put hand under the water quickly and then rub it on my body. I find this gets me a better result and I waste less product than when I am trying to scrub and avoid it all washing away at the same time in the shower.

5. NAT Rebalance Treatment Scrub.

Being a Beauty Therapist, I know the importance of exfoliating the skin. Not only does it remove dead skin cells, making the skin look less dull, it also increases skin cell turn over (encouraging skin to heal quicker and look better). 

It is so hard to find an exfoliator that isn't super hard, scratchy, and too rough on the skin that actually does a good job. This scrub however is the exception to this. I have reviewed the NAT Rebalance Treatment Scrub on my blog before (see the full post here). 

6. The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter.
This stuff is beyond amazing. It leaves the skin super soft, hydrated and perfectly clean. You do need a face washer for best results with this one though, just to avoid any residue being left behind.

Did I mention that this cleanser is just perfect for traveling? Getting to travel knowing my cleanser or cleansing oil for that matter is not going to spill through my bag? Yes please! That is something I will openly sign up for.

7. Osmo Silverising shampoo.
I love using a silver shampoo to dull any yellow tones in my natural blonde hair (I don't colour my locks). I don't feel overly attached to this one in particular. It does the job but nothing beats my favourite, the L'Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Silver Shampoo.

8. Purity Foaming Gel by Philosophy.
I love the Purity Made Simple 3 in 1 Cleanse for Face and Eyes (See my review here) so when I saw that Philosophy had came out with a gel version for combination to oily skin types I was to excited not to try it.

Sadly once this tube is empty I wont be repurchasing another. I prefer the original formula much more. Although it does everything it promises and gets rid of the toughest eye makeup like a demon, the Purity Foaming Gel just leaves my skin feeling a little thirsty after cleansing. 

9. Original Source Skin Quench in 'Watermelon and Jojoba Oil'.
I bought this because it is new on the market, and it didn't hurt that it was on offer at Boots either. I can't get enough of this body wash. The range comes in a range of scents each with a different oil component. I chose this one because I really like jojoba oil and its hydrating properties. 

I have noticed such a difference in my skin since using this. My skin is smoother and dryness has significantly decreased. Woo hoo!  

What little treasures are living in your shower at the moment that I need to rush out and try?


  1. LOVE Tigi bed head!!! lovely post too x


    1. Their products are amazing aren't they! They make my hair so happy.


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