Product Review: Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream in NY-CEE

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream in NY-CEE.

Yes I am aware that I am a little behind the times in terms of this hyped about product. The main reason I hadn't purchased myself a Velourlips before is because of a couple of reasons being, 1 - They are so hard to get and, 2 - Many stores only carry 2 colours; bright pink (MAL-I-BOO) and a coral/orange (RIO-D) colour and I wanted red (NY-CEE).

I had a trip into the city last week for an appointment and while I was killing time I went for a wonder around Priceline, and guess what? I found the ENTIRE Velourlips colour range. I was stoked and obviously had to buy the red one I had been longing for, for so long (and I am so glad I did).

What Australis say:
Highly pigmented lips are the look of the moment, and this lip cream takes it to the next level with its beautiful matte finish! The creamy long-wear formula glides on easily with its doe foot applicator, finishing to a velvety matte look with intense, full coverage colour payoff. Perfect for when you want lasting, matte colour that moves with your lips without flaking.

My experience:
  • The colour payoff is intense. 
  • It is really easy to apply.
  • It smells fruity and delicious.
  • It is really affordable and I feel like it is going to last forever because such a little bit goes a long way.
  • The colour lasts for hours once applied.
  • Once dried it does not budge. Don't believe me? Pop some on your hand next time you're in store, let it set and try to rub it off your skin like you have never rubbed before. It won't move!
  • Eat and drink proof.
  • The colour makes your teeth look white.


  • The formula is drying so make sure your lips are hydrated before application. I like to put a balm on before I do any makeup and then apply my Velourlips last.
  • The finish is a little sticky. I don't particularly care about this, but know many would.
  • Lack of availability. If you see one in stock buy it because chances are next time you go to buy it it won't be there.

Australis NY-CEE Velourlips Matte Lip Cream colour swatches:

Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream in NY-CEE .

All photographs are using NY-CEE Velourlips only. No lip liner or primer was applied prior to application.

These are too amazing to miss out on people! And to Australis, can you pretty please make these more readily available and make a million more colours?!

Get yours for $9.95 AUD (10ml) from Priceline, Big W, Kmart or Australis' online store.

Have you used Australis Velourlips before?

Note: All opinions are my own.


  1. This is always sold out when I look for it! I think I am just going to have to bite the bullet and buy it online. Great post! Have you tried any of the other colours?
    Kate |

  2. I know! That is exactly what I found, so I jumped at the chance to snap it up when I could. I haven't tried any other colours yet, but will purchase some next time they are on special.

    Grab it online missy, I know that Australis does student discount online too!


  3. Sadly, I am no longer a student - got my degree last year :) But I am going to have to, it's been too long since the release! I have every other colour (oops) and love them all!!

  4. Welp I ordered one. You are a bad influence!!! :P


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