Mani Mondays - #9 Manicare Cuticle Trimmer & Pusher

Sunday, 22 June 2014

I love this tool! In fact, it has had a place in my manicure routine for some time and will continue to for as long as I can imagine. 

Manicare Cuticle Trimmer & Pusher.

What they say:
Cuticle Trimmer, curved ergonomic shape. Pushes and trims overgrown cuticles. 

Manicares directions for use:

  1. Soak nails in warm water to soften the cuticles.
  2. Then push cuticle with powdered end of the cuticle pusher.
  3. Start to trim nails from edge using cuticle trimmer

My experience:
  • The powdered end of the cuticle remover comfortably pushes back the entire cuticle attached to and grown up over the nail.
  • The Trimmer ('v' shaped blade) glides smoothly along the cuticles removing them easily - hello pretty nails!
  • It stays sharp for a decent amount of time. I have found that this trimmer stays sharper for longer than many other I have tried.
  • The Cuticle Trimmer & Pusher comes with little caps to put on each end between uses, keeping them clean and sharp.

  • The sharp blade allows for easy accidents - go easy and go slow until you know exactly what you are doing.

Repurchase? Absolutely!

Grab this life changer (as far as your nails are concerned anyway) for $8.99 AUD from Priceline, Target, Chemist Warehouse and other Manicare stockists.

Do you trim your cuticles?

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  1. I am unsure about how long it has been around, but it is amazing and I will continue to repurchase it for as long as I can find it!



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