Writer's Block? 45 Blogging Ideas.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

It's not often that I get writer's block, but it does happen to the best of us. I decided to compile a list of ideas to refer to on days when I am struggling a little, and decided to share the love instead of keeping it all to myself! I came up with some ideas for beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers. 

I hope I can inspire or at least assist a couple fellow or aspiring bloggers with some ideas. Enjoy!

  1. Product review.
  2. Trend forecast.
  3. Products you are happy you purchased.
  4. Products you regret buying.
  5. Products that are better than you thought they would be.
  6. Monthly Favourites.
  7. Product empties.
  8. Nail art tutorial or inspiration.
  9. Face of the day.
  10. Get the look for less than $(selected price).
  11. Colour stories (e.g purple = purple products only).
  12. What's in your handbag?
  13. Essentials for a trip away.
  14. How to dress up a makeup look.
  15. How to dress down a makeup look. 
  16. Top 5 products under $5.
  17. Top 10 products under $10.
  18. Top 20 products under $20.
  19. Brand bests post (e.g Rimmel's 10 best products).
  20. Brand worsts post (e.g Rimmel's 10 worst products).
  21. Makeup organisation.
  22. Interview with another beauty blogger.
  23. D.I.Y projects.
  24. Hauls. 

  1. Product review.
  2. Trend forecast.
  3. Outfit of the day.
  4. Recreate an outfit for less than $(selected price).
  5. How to dress up a look.
  6. How to dress down a look. 
  7. Interview with another fashion blogger.
  8. Colour stories (e.g purple = purple products only).
  9. Essentials for a trip away.
  10. Products you are happy you purchased.
  11. Products you regret buying.
  12. Monthly Favourites.
  13. Closet/drawer organisation.
  14. D.I.Y projects.

  1. Share your favourite recipe.
  2. A week in photographs (using your instagram photos).
  3. Event reviews.
  4. Location reviews and inside tips.
  5. Lifestyle inspiration.
  6. Interview with another lifestyle blogger.
  7. D.I.Y projects.

What do you do when you are suffering from writers block or stuck in a rut?

Happy blogging!


  1. What a brilliant list! Thanks :)

  2. Why thank you! You are very welcome!


  3. this is a really great list:) I like how you've done separated them in different categories :) Life as a Petite

  4. Thanks! Always happy to help :-)


  5. This is great! Even after a while we can still get stuck for ideas! Writers block! haha. Love your blog, so helpful xxx Jenna xx

  6. I really loved these suggestions!


  7. Thanks! I know, I often get stuck because my mind gets clouded with lot's of possible ideas. This just breaks them down!

    Happy blogging :-) xox

  8. Some great ideas there, very nice of you to share with world ☺️

  9. Some fab ideas. Thanks for sharing :)



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