Product Review: Lush FUN Pink

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Lush FUN Pink.
If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you will know that I am a big sucker for lush. Its rare that I will walk in and out of that store and come out empty-handed. The day I discovered FUN was no exception. I saw it, I smelt it, I had to have it.

What they say:
Treat your kids and your inner child to some well-deserved playtime with our multi-purpose moldable soap, FUN. This brilliant innovation is a four-in-one phenomenon combining soap, shampoo, bubble bath, and malleable toy into a single roll. Each colour has a unique scent that evokes fond childhood memories of things like fresh baking and candies. What could be sweeter? 2.5% of sales from every bar of FUN is contributed to the FUNd, a LUSH initiative which supports charities in Fukushima, Japan that create safe places for children to play outside.

What I say:
Lush FUN is everything Lush says it is. I picked the pink fun as it smelt divine; like fruity candy (I didn't like most of the other fragrances). I have used this product in all 4 ways (as a soap, shampoo, bubble bath and play dough) and it works in all forms. Although I myself only use it as a body wash, bubble bath and shampoo. 

The packaging even says that you can use it to hand wash your clothes. This is something I haven't tried though, so I can't report on that.

Lush FUN Pink.

How I use my FUN:
  • Unwrap the cellophane and remove a small piece. 
  • I use a piece about 1cm x 2cm for cleaning my body, popping in a bath, or washing my hair.
  • Once desired amount is removed from the bar, wrap it back up tightly and store it in a cool & dry place.

It's that easy to use!

Lush FUN Pink.

  • It smells delicious.
  • As a shampoo it is fabulous. I thought it would be difficult to break down in the hair, but it breaks down, lathers, and cleans really really well. This is now a regular shampoo in my hair regime.
  • As a body wash and bubble bath it is super moisturising. It foams up well and creates so many bubbles in the bath.
  • It's vegan.
  • It's cruelty free.
  • A little bit goes a long way.
  • It is cost effective (especially as a good shampoo).
  • It has so many uses.
  • Its uniqueness makes it, just as it's name suggests, FUN.

  • If not wrapped back up properly it will melt. Make sure you wrap it back up as best you can after use.

Lush FUN Pink.

Grab yourself some fun from your nearest Lush store! For $9.50 AUD you score yourself 200g of product. Available in 5 different colours and scents: red, green, blue, pink, and yellow.

Have you used Lush FUN before?

Note: All opinions are my own.


  1. I need to get my hands on this imedietly! I have never seen it before. Not only does it sound amazing the inner child in me is loving its a mouldable soap!

    Dani xo |

  2. Isn't it cool! It is such a good product. Its awesome performance as shampoo is what impressed me the most!


  3. India Benjamin2 April 2014 at 12:23

    I went to India over summer and took one of these with me to save space on shampoo and shower gel. It was the green one and it smelled absolutely divine! Unfortunately it melted in the heat and turned the bathroom floor I was staying in green haha! Shampoo and shower gel were like 30p out there so was fine but it's such a funny memory

  4. Haha eek! Oh no!

    They are such a good idea for travel (as long as you have a container or something for them.



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