Product Review: Elucent Anti-Ageing Skincare by Ego.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

This review is a bit different than usual. For this product range trial my mum was my little guinea pig and I will be reporting on her experience and our findings. 

My mum has super sensitive skin and suffers from redness, so I was quite concerned at first as to how her skin was going to react to such an active product. The results are in and believe me they are good!

I know what you're thinking. What on Earth do I mean by active? This product line is jam packed with AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). AHAs are derived from fruit and milk sugars.

AHAs work mainly as an exfoliation treatment. They cause the cells to become unstuck, letting the dead skin cells to work their way off the skins surface and accelerate regrowth of new skin. AHAs are also thought to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, improve wrinkling, roughness, and assist with skin discolouration after months of daily application; Ultimately keeping you looking younger for longer.

Now, lets get onto a breakdown of the range.

Elucent Anti Ageing Gentle Cleanser:

Elucent Anti Ageing Gentle Cleanser.
Carefully formulated with a blend of cleansers and moisturisers this gentle cleanser will refresh the skin without causing dryness, while the combination of AHAs and vitamins B3 and E work together to gently exfoliate and visibly revitalise the skin. After cleansing, your skin is perfectly prepared for your Elucent Moisturiser. Use Elucent Gentle Cleanser as your primary skin cleanser for youthful-looking skin.

This is mums favourite product of the range. This cleanser supplies the perfect amount of product per 1 pump to cleanse the face. This means less wastage and more money in your pocket in the long run. This cleanser is the perfect consistency, not to heavy not too light. It removed the day easily and left the skin feeling balanced. No tightness of stinging here!

However, the white opaque pump packaging means that its difficult to tell how much product is remaining in the tube. This is a dilemma for someone like me that likes to have backups of products when they are close to running out. My best advice would be to stock up on this cleanser when they are starting to feel light in weight to avoid this problem.

$29.95 AUD for 145ml.

Elucent Anti Ageing Day Cream:
Elucent Anti Ageing Day Cream.

State-of-the-art triple action moisturiser visibly reduces wrinkles with 4% AHAs; helps maintain skin hydration by reducing water loss from the skin whilst improving skin texture and tone with Vitamin B3 and E. Helps protect against the damaging effects of the sun with a broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen. Use Elucent DAY MOISTURISER as your first line of defence against the visible signs of ageing

The fact that there is 50+ SPF in the Day Cream is fantastic. It is vital that you are wearing sun protection on the skin when using active products on the face, as AHA's tend to make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. The fact that Elucent have included this in their cream scores massive brownie points from me!

Mum loved the way it felt on her skin and that it didn't just sit on top of the skin, but it actually penetrated the skin.

Once again, the white opaque pump means you cant tell how much product is remaining in the tube. Stock up on this day cream when it's starting to feel light in weight to avoid running out of this.

$49.95 AUD for 95ml (a very generously sized day cream).

Elucent Anti Ageing Night Moisturiser:
Elucent Anti Ageing Night Moisturiser.

Pamper your skin nightly with a luxurious regenerating night cream. The skin refining activity of 8% AHAs combined with the goodness of vitamins B3, C and E reduce the visible signs of ageing and improve skin tone and firmness. Use Elucent NIGHT MOISTURISER to gently rehydrate and replenish moisture while you sleep.

The Elucent Anti Ageing Night Moisturiser performs fantastically. This little gem actually penetrates the skin and doesn't leave you with a greasy film on the face when you wake up (I know you have all experienced that horrible feeling). Skin is left smooth and facing the day is made that little bit easier.

My only complaint is that the Night cream is in a tub, which means you have to dip your fingers into it and this is a little unsanitary. However, one way to avoid this would be to use a clean spatula or spoon to scoop out your product when using it.

$49.95 for 50g.

Elucent Anti Ageing Serum:
Elucent Anti Ageing Serum.

For an intensive boost, Elucent SERUM effectively combines the highest levels of AHAs in the range at 16%, with vitamins B3, C and E to offer visible anti-ageing benefits. Use Elucent SERUM directly on wrinkle prone areas to gently exfoliate, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture and tone.

If you want to get the best results from a skincare range, a serum is a must have. It will provide the best results, as it is more than often the most potent product in a range. This serum is no exception to the rule, the Elucent Anti Ageing Serum being the strongest product in the range. 

This was the only product that caused some discomfort and slight irritation to the skin. I believe this was due to introducing this product too soon into the skincare regime. Only introduce this when your skin is really used to the other products in the range, especially those of you with super sensitive skin. 

$39.95 AUD for 30ml.

Elucent Anti Ageing Eye Cream:
Elucent Anti Ageing Eye Cream.

A delicate cream tailored to improve the skin contours around the eyes. This hydrating combination of 4% AHAs and special blend of vitamins B3, C and E helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Elucent EYE CREAM is fragrance-free making it an excellent gentle option for use around your eyes.

This eye cream sank into the skin making it perfect to wear at night and during the day under your makeup. The Anti Ageing Eye Cream made a visible difference to the fine lines around the eyes. Think of this little guy as a filler in a tube.

$49.95 AUD for 15g.

Elucent Anti Ageing Body Moisturiser:
Elucent Anti Ageing Body Moisturiser.
Treat your body as well as your face with a body moisturiser. The effective emollients rehydrate and help lock in the skin’s moisture while the combination of 12% AHAs and vitamins B3 and E reveals visibly firmer skin with an improved texture and tone. Use Elucent BODY MOISTURISER to give your skin that dynamic boost everyday.

This little gem will be especially useful for those that suffer from ingrown hairs and lacklustre skin, as the AHAs will be sure to exfoliate your skin and assist with those issues.

Mum found that this felt really indulgent and loved that you could feel it was there; but it didn't feel greasy or leave a film on the skin. 

$49.95 AUD for 200ml 

Overall thoughts and results:
  • Signs of redness in the skin have noticeably reduced.
  • Skin is more radiant and smooth.
  • The Eye cream, body cream and serum packaging is very user friendly. The tubes are easy to squeeze and you can easily control how much product you are dispensing.
  • All products are a good size, compared to other higher end brands, supplying you with better value for money.
  • Not tested on animals, which is always a pleasant bonus.

For more information on how to use products or an ingredient breakdown head to

Will you be trying any of the Elucent Anti Ageing range by Ego?

Note: All opinions are my own.
These products were kindly provided for my consideration.


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