My Benefit Box o' Powder Collection.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hands down, Benefit Box o' Powders are up their with my favourite bronzers and blushers! Today I decided I would share my collection with you and give you a little run down on each and what skin tones they look great on. 

I know some people think the cardboard packaging is little tacky, but for someone with butterfingers like yours truly the cardboard box is a godsend! Not only are they super cute; they are pretty much shatter proof. I have dropped many a benefit box '0' powder and I am yet to have one shatter on me (like my other pressed powder products in plastic packaging).

All Box o' Powders even come with a cute little travel brush and mirror in them that are actually good quality (excuse my Coralista, this is the older style of packaging), bonus! 

Let the sticky beak commence!

Benefit Hoola.
This is my favourite bronzer ever! Hoola has the ability to transform your face! This is amazing to create depth (as it is matte), or to allow a pale or ill looking complexion to have a healthy sun-kissed glow; let's face it most of us want that. I also love using Hoola as an eyeshadow.

Trust me. You need this bronzer!

For my full review of Hoola click here.

Benefit Dandelion.
Dandelion is a gorgeous sheer ballerina pink with a hint of shimmer. Not only can Dandelion by used as a blush, it doubles up as a brightening powder; just simply dust it over the face when you are feeling dull as an instant pick-me-up. 

Dandelion looks spectacular on very pale to light skin tones. But, I would definitely steer clear of this one if you are tanned or have olive skin tone.

Benefit Hervana.
Swirl all 4 colours together for a divine pinky purple orchid-blossom colour. I reach for this blush when I am wearing a pink, plum, or purple lip; this duo looks beyond amazing!

This blush is great for really pale skin because of the purple tint, so that you look pretty and girly rather than flushed and red. I get lots of compliments when I wear this bad boy!

Benefit Rockateur.
Rockateur is a sexy rose gold blusher. I especially love this blusher because I am still to find a lip colour it doesn't go with. No matter what lip colour I pop on my pout this blusher is guaranteed to match! 

I am yet to see a skin tone that this blush doesn't look fabulous on. This is easily one of my favourite blushes of all time!

Benefit Coralista.
Coralista is a warm coral-pink colour. Not only does this blush smell delicious (reminds me of sherbet), it delivers a beautiful sheer but buildable coral glow that is especially beautiful on tanned or olive skin tones, although it does suit every skin tone. 

Coralista looks great with coral and orange lip colours and is a must have for everyone's summer makeup collection!

All Box o' Powders retail for $51 AUD (8g). A bit pricey I know, but they are so pigmented that they really do last a long time. Grab yours from your closest Benefit counter.

What's your favourite Benefit box 'o' Powder?

Note: All opinions are my own.


  1. I love hoola!
    So jealous of your collection! I might have to go pick up hervana! The mix looks amazing!

    Dani xo |

  2. Isn't Hoola amazing! It is my holy grail bronzer.

    Hervana is so so so pretty. You definitely have to go try it out. I have had this one for so long, a little bit really goes a long way.


  3. I love these!!!! I don't have Coralista (because I don't like corals) and...I really really really wanna like hoola but everytime I swatch it - it looks too orange-y...maybe I need to actually put it on my face to see what it looks like...I've tried to but it SO many times lol

  4. I only have Dandelion at the moment (mainly because of the price) but I really want to get Rockateur and Hoola! :)

    Kate | The Minted Beauty

  5. I totally understand, but they last so long.

    I am pretty sure you can see that I really love my Rockateur (as I have hit pan) and you really can't beat Hoola.

    The brush Hoola comes with is bloody awesome for contouring too!


  6. You just have to try it on. Hoola is not orange AT ALL! It is one of the only bronzers I have come across that is a true brown/tan colour.


  7. I have so much makeup, and I don't own any of these! What am I doing with my life? Haha, I need to pick one up soon. Coralista and Dandelion are first on my list. I have a Hoola sample I'm still going through, and really like it! :)

    Hope ♡ |

  8. Lovely collection! I absolutely love Hoola and Coralista!

    Bea x

    Bea's Beauty Blog

  9. What a collection! I still haven't tried any of them but I sure intend to do so! I would say that Hoola and Rockateur are at the top of my list! xo

    MD from

  10. This is true! I have barely made a dent in Dandelion and I've used it a lot in the past year! Hmmm :) Maybe as a mid year present to myself :P Xx


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