17 Ways To Use Vaseline In Your Beauty Routine

Thursday, 24 April 2014

I am almost certain that everyone either owns or has owned a jar of this stuff at some point! Today I share with you some different ways you can use this inexpensive product in your beauty routine. 

Let's hop to it!

1. As a lip balm.

2. Over lip colour as a gloss, or in the centre of the lip as a highlighter.

3. As cuticle conditioner.

4. On elbows to maintain moisture or comfort dry ones.

5. On the face along the hair line when colouring hair to avoid staining.

6. Around the fingernails when painting them so you can simply wipe away polish you            get on the skin.

7. As a scrub. Simply mix it with sea salt.

8. Protect skin exposed to adverse weather.

9. As a makeup remover, use it the same way that you would a cleansing balm.

10. Mix it with lipstick to create a cream blush.

11. Under eyeshadow or loose pigment to create shine.

12. Applied to the cheeks for a dewy look.

13. Remove left over lash glue from the lash line.

14. As brow gel to get those unruly brows back in shape.

15. Wear it under your perfume to increase its time of wear.

16. Hide split ends. Just take a SMALL amount and rub it on those bad boys to disguise           them between haircuts.

17. Lip exfoliator. Pop some on the lips and gently use a toothbrush over it in little                      circular motions. Hello smooth lips!

How do you use your Vaseline?


  1. number 6! That will come in-handy now that i am aware of what it does!
    Thanks for the tips hun x

  2. Great tips! I love to use it as a cuticle balm and to make sure my eyebrows stay in place.x


  3. The little pots are so good as a cuticle treatment on the go!


  4. No problem Gorgeous!

    Number 6 is a good little trick.



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