1 Month Beauty Spending Ban Update

Thursday, 6 March 2014

It's official! I have made it just over the half way mark! 

I'll tell you one thing; I am actually surprised but how much I have enjoyed doing this ban. I have rediscovered so many of my products, used up things that needed to be finished (they were nearly empty and taking up room). 

I must admit that I nearly had to break my ban a couple days ago. My hair tie broke while I was at one of my jobs; for those of you that don't know, I work as a Primary School Teacher and as an Eyebrow Expert. Anyways, I was at my beauty job and I was desperate. Not only was my hair looking tragic, I also need to have my hair tied back at work to avoid getting wax in it. I resorted to putting a rubber band in my hair. I know! I cringed when I put it in and pulled it out too; but it's all in the name of the 1 month beauty ban!

One thing that has been hard is rationing my dry shampoo,  normal shampoo, and conditioner, because I am nearly out of all of them! Worst comes to worst I might have to steal some of my Mum's (Hi Mum! haha).

I have spotted so many things that I want to buy when I finish but I am going to try and only buy a couple things. For starters, I really want the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette!

What products should I look at getting after my ban?

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