Product Review: Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Nail Polish

Monday, 11 November 2013

Those of you who follow me on instagram and facebook would be aware that Sally Hansen is my newly rediscovered nail polish brand. So, when I saw the new limited edition Sugar Coat collections, needless to say I got excited and just had to purchase one. I chose Razzleberry (blue).

The range consists of 8 colours (pictured and listed below)

Colours listed left to right, top to bottom. Cherry Pop (cherry red), Cotton Candies (bubblegum pink), Bubble Plum (purple-pink), Razzleberry (blue), Sour apple (mint green), Sweetie (yellow), Sugar Fix (white), and Lich-O-Rich (black). 

According to Sally Hansen:
This unique formula infused with sugary texture provides a 3D volumised, colour intense new look on nails. Formula applies like a crème and quickly transforms to a sugar coated 'WOW' semi-matte finish.

My experience:
While what Sally Hansen states is true, and the 3D textured result looks awesome; Sadly, I found this product to be rather disappointing. 

I popped this on before bed following instructions  (shake gently, apply 2 thin coats). When I woke up the following day I went to shower and wash my hair. When I got out, I already noticed chipping. I then got ready and went to work.

Throughout the day the chipping continued. I was really shocked, considering how well Sally Hansen's other polishes wear I was certainly not expecting this result. My nails were significantly chipped by midday (see picture below, and please excuse my cuticles. They are a little dry).

Im not sure if this result is different for different colours, so if you have purchased any other Sugar Coat colours and had a different result I would love to know.

Sadly for me though, after this result I can't see myself rushing to the shops to grab and other Sugar Coat colours.

Sugar Coat retails at $9.95 for 11.8ml. Available at Priceline.

What nail product have you purchased and been disappointed by?

Note: all opinions are my own.

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  1. Dang, I bought the pink one! I might save my pennies and trade it in for one of their normal polishes! ;) Lovin' all the reviews! Xx


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