What Is The Difference Between A BB and CC Cream?

Monday, 14 October 2013

The question a lot of people are asking at the moment is "what is the difference between a BB and CC cream?"

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Whilst BB and CC creams are multi-taskers, they do have different things to offer. Let me break them down for you!

BB Cream:
BB is short for beauty balm. Originating in Korea, BB cream is often used as a primer to provide better coverage with skin care benefits.

BB creams:

  • May be worn alone for sheer coverage or as a primer for your regular foundation.
  • Tint and cover imperfections.
  • Hydrate and nourish the skin.
  • Enhance complexion.

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CC Cream:
CC is short for colour correcting. The purpose of a CC cream is to correct skin tone and provide some coverage. 

CC creams:
  • Correct redness.
  • Correct sallowness.
  • Correct darkness.
  • Provides more coverage than a BB cream but is still lighter than a foundation.
  • Improve skin tone.

In a nutshell the difference is:
BB creams are designed to tint and cover imperfections on the face, hydrate and nourish the skin while enhancing your complexion (depending on the quality of the product and the ingredients included).

CC creams basically do the same things as BB creams but provide a little more coverage and are designed to work a little harder for your skin. This is done by correcting your skin tone, colour and your overall complexion (once again, results will depend on the quality of the product and the ingredients included).

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Like all face base products (moisturisers, foundations, BB creams and CC creams), both are better when they have a SPF present in their formula.

If your concerns are discolouration, redness or sallowness; go for a CC cream. If you are blessed enough to have an even skin tone and are happy with sheer coverage of a BB cream then that's your pick!

Personally, I would choose a CC cream. Why? When it comes to benefits, the more the better! 

Whats your take on BB and CC creams? Have you jumped on the bandwagon or are you disinterested?

Note: all opinions are my own.

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