Product Review: Models Prefer BB Cream

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Love, love, love it!

Finally! I have found a BB cream that doesn't break the bank and is amazing! I mean, I'm seriously impressed with this product.

Models Prefer BB Cream
Firstly, a little run down about Models Prefer. Models Prefer is Priceline's own makeup and skincare brand. Models Prefer is said to be made by the same manufacturers that make products sold in department stores and many prestige cosmetic houses (giving luxury priced items a serious run for their money).

All the products are $20 and under (excluding tools) and are often on promo (always a good time to test something out). 

What is so special about this BB cream?
Well to start, this BB cream made in Korea (like the real ones), we here in Australia have adapted our own version (and lets be honest, most of them are no different to a tinted moisturiser). BB creams are meant to be thicker than a tinted moisturiser and lighter than a foundation. 

This product comes in 2 shades; light and dark and at $20(AUD) for 40mls how can you go wrong? The nozzle and easy-to-squeeze tube allows you to control how much product comes out and stops you wasting product.

Models Prefer BB Cream.
How to use:
In Korea, BB cream is often used as a primer to provide better coverage with skin care benefits. 

You can do the same, but I prefer to wear it alone (as I reach for this product on days that require less effort in making up my appearance, like attending Uni). Just simply applying it with clean hands, or with a brush depending on what kind of finish you want.

Shop Models Prefer.

Are you tempted to try this BB cream? 
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