How To Use A Stippling Brush / Real Techniques Stippling Brush Review

Friday, 9 August 2013

What Is A Stippling Brush Used For?
Traditionally, a stippling brush is used to 'stipple' (dot) foundation onto your face. Dotting on your foundation delivers a smooth, diffused, more naturally flawless finish; as opposed to rubbing or brushing with a stiff or traditional foundation brush. If you want an airbrushed looking finish, this is the brush you are looking for.

Why Do You Need This Brush?
These brushes are amazing because of how smoothly they apply foundation and concealer. If you have acne or acne scarring, a stippling brush may be your new best friend for achieving a flawless finish to your foundation routine.  

These brushes are awesome when it comes to camouflaging acne scars because, instead of forcing foundation into the scars, it brushes the foundation over them for a smooth and flawless finish.

How To Use:
  1. Dip the very tips of the brush into your liquid (or cream) foundation. 
  2. To apply product, dot the brush along your face to distribute product.
  3. Then, go back over it with the brush to blend by repetitively dotting all over the face.
  4. You may like to finish by pushing the product into the skin by pressing warmed palms of your hands on your face.

Tips and Tricks:
If you prefer a sheer, diffused finish all you have to do is simply dampen the bristles of your stipple brush first before applying product.

The denser the bristles, the fuller the coverage the brush will provide you.

Some other uses for your stippling brush include:
  • applying primer (to really work product into the skin)
  • applying highlighting products (both powder and cream)
  • application of cream blushers
  • application of cream bronzers

My Favourite:
My favourite stippling brush is part of the 'Real Techniques' by Samantha Chapman range. 

Above: 'Real Techniques' stippling brush.
Image source:

Why do I love it so much?
  • It is super affordable. 
  • It delivers amazing results. 
  • It washes and dries well.
  • Readily available (at priceline or online from
  • Can stand upright (as the handle is wide and flat on the bottom) so it doesn't make a mess on your counter.
  • It doesn't shed any hairs.

Have you used a stippling brush before? or are you happy to just stick with a traditional foundation brush?

Note: all opinions expressed are my own.

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