Why You Should Wear a Mitt when Tanning

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Whether you're a tanning expert or a virgin to the tan, I can't emphasis how much of life saver a tanning mitt is in achieving that sexy golden glow you are longing for.

My favourite:
Whilst you can get these things in most chemists and supermarkets, my favourite without a doubt is by Ella Baché (roughly $10 AUD). This glove is double sided unlike any other competitor I have used so far that have been one sided. Whats the difference? Well its simple... if you apply too much tan to one side, you turn it over and use the other so as to make sure you aren't applying an excessive amount of product.

Above: Ella Baché tanning mitt.

When using different tanning mediums:
Cream or mousse: product should be applied directly onto the mitt and then worked onto the skin.

Spray tan: use the mitt to smooth over the product post-tan.


1. An even, sexy, streak free tan.
2. Tan free hands (nothing is more embarrassing than orange hands post-tanning).

Cleaning your mitt:

This is super easy. All you need is warm water and soap. Lather the mitt up and rinse. Repeat this until the water runs clear. Then hang to dry and store in a clean dry place.

Have you used a tanning mitt before? tell me about your experience! 

Note: all opinions shared are my own.

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