Product Review: Elegant Touch Designer Nail Wraps.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I thought these looked hot, but they are oh so not!

Elegant Touch Designer Nail Wraps.
I was drawn to these nail wraps when I was cruising the isles of Priceline. I was so impressed with all the different designs and textures available in their range and was super excited to give them a go. The product promises for quick application "just press and go". I'm afraid this was not my experience with this product.

Not only did I find the process of application fiddly and time consuming; I had trouble selecting wraps that actually fit all my nails and was left with nails that had strips of missing wrap along the sides. I was so disappointed in the result that I took them off straight away.

I'm guessing that maybe results will differ with individuals that have a different nail shape. Overall, the product quality is good, and I can see the product staying put for up to 5 days as the packaging suggests, but I will definitely not be purchasing these again. 

Have you tried these Elegant Touch nail wraps before? What was your experience?

Note: all opinions are my own.

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