Different Uses For Your Loose Pigments

Friday, 5 July 2013

Loose makeup pigments have more uses than meets the eye. Whist they act as a beautiful eye shadow medium, these loose pigments have a lot more to offer than you may think!

Nail Polish:

Image via: thedailyvarnish.com

Bored of your nail polish collection? Most of us own a clear nail polish and a couple loose pigments. Did you know that mixing your pigment and clear nail polish allows you to make your own custom nail polish colours? You can even control the intensity of the colour by adding more or less pigment. You can even play around with your pigment colours to create other colours!

Lip Gloss:

Image via: friendlyskincare.com
Just like the nail polish, in this instance you would mix clear lip gloss with your selected pigment to create your own custom lip gloss. Easy as! (Just make sure you refer to the label to ensure that the pigment is safe to use on the lips)

Eye Liner:

Image via: feedfloyd.com

Mix the loose pigment with a drop of water to create a paste that you can now use as a bold eyeliner. Some cosmetic houses sell a special solution you can use to blend with loose pigments or glitter to ensure that the loose pigment doesn't budge. Napoleon Perdis' Cake Eyeliner Sealer does the trick and sells for $22 AUD for 14.2ml.


Image via: glitterandgorgeous.com
Kim Kardashian - Well known for her highlighting.

Some of your neutral bronze or golden toned loose pigments are perfect to use as highlighters to enhance your brow bone or cheekbones. Simply sweep along the top of the cheekbone and along the brow bone for instant definition!

Will you be experimenting with your loose pigments?

Note: All opinions shared are my own.

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