What SPF Has to Offer You!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sun protection factor (SPF) is the best anti-ageing product one can get!

Extreme amounts of natural sunlight can cause the skin to lose it's youthful appearance and create fine lines within the skin. Further exposure to natural sunlight can result in the skin developing fine lines and can contribute to deep wrinkles forming within the skin, and the breakdown of collagen (collagen provides our skin with its firmness and elasticity). 

What to Consider When Choosing your SPF Products

When selecting a product look for something that protects against UVA and UVB rays (these products may sometimes be listed as broad spectrum). 

Exposure to UVA rays increase the risk of developing wrinkles and age spots.

Exposure to UVB rays can burn your skin and cause redness.

Too much exposure to both UVA and UVB rays increases your risk of skin cancer. As mentioned above, the best sunscreen offers protection from all UV light.

What Can SPF Do for You?

  • Reduce the chances of skin cancer. 
  • Decrease the risk of pigmentation problems.
  • Assist in retaining collagen production.
  • Reduces sun damage (assists you in avoiding the 'leather bag skin' look as you mature).

Do You Suffer from Cold Sores?

Have you ever gone away on holiday to a tropical destination or even gone to the beach and had a cold sore pop up shortly after? Coincidence? I think not! Did you know Ultra violet rays have been linked to causing cold sores to those who have the virus? What can you do to help yourself? when you know you're going out in the sun wear a lip balm that contains SPF. My personal favourite at the moment is by Blistex (and is raspberry lemonade flavoured... delish). 

Will you be making an effort to wear SPF everyday?

Note: all opinions are my own.

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