The Bangin' Burgundy Lip

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Going into winter and the colder months I can't help but find myself drawn towards deep burgundy lip colours. The burgundy lip is a great alternative to wearing red. Burgundy lips offer instant glamour and sophistication to a look (when its done right).

Above: This trend worn right!

What do I mean by 'when its done right'?
As far as the rest of your face is concerned, less is more! Go for:
  • A simple eye (think thin liner, nude shadows and heavy mascara).
  • A manicured filled-in brow (yes, brows do make a massive difference to your look). Eyebrows that are manicured make you look more manicured and put together. They have the ability to take you from drab to fab.
  • Subtle blush. Less is more (don't take the limelight away from that glamorous pout).
  • Flawless glowing foundation.

Above: me wearing M.A.C's 'Diva' lipstick with Revlon's 'Plum' Lip liner
 to make it darker.

Pro tips:
  • Add a gloss over this lipstick at night for added glamour.
  • Apply lip liner underneath lipstick to prevent it from 'bleeding'.
  • With bold colours (like reds, dark pinks, burgundy) always apply with a lip brush to ensure the best application possible.

Will you be wearing a burgundy lip this season?

All opinions shared are my own.

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  1. love this mac lip colour!! im defs gonna try this :)


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