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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Amy Winehouse was onto something with 'Back to Black'.

Black nails are making a serious comeback! I know a lot of people feel that black is a little too grungy for them, but even the most girliest of girls can wear black nails and pull them off. Dont believe me? You should! BUT (just incase), Here are some photos of what I consider to be a wide spread of celebrities, with different styles (from the girliest of girls, to the outrageous) to prove my point.

Above: Lady Gaga

Above: Kylie Minogue 

Above: Kim Kardashian

Above: Kelly Osbourne

Above: Lauren Conrad

Above: Lea Michele 

Pro tip: Black polish is really obvious when it chips, so take the time and effort to use a base coat and top coat to get the most out of your manicure!

Remember black DOES go with everything :-)

Tell me: will you be sporting black nails?

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