Product Review: M.A.C Pro Longwear Concealer

Monday, 11 March 2013

I have tried and tested many concealers in my time and I can confidently say this is hands down the best concealer I have purchased yet.

I was sick to death of getting half way through the day and looking in the mirror only to be confronted by the dark under eye circles I thought I had successfully camouflaged that morning. All concealers I have tried in the past became separated by mid afternoon (even though I had set them with powder) or sat in any fine lines and made them more obvious (just what you don't want!).

A M.A.C consultant suggested I give Pro Longwear concealer a go. I took a sample and purchased it as soon as payday came around.

I have not gone one day without this stuff applied to my face. it is pure amazingness! A little bit goes a long way, it doesn't crease, dries with a natural matte looking finish, brightens my under eyes and lasts ALL day. A little tip: you can even mix a pump into your moisturiser to make tinted moisturiser for those days you don't feel like packing on the makeup!

One thing that worries me a little about the product (only because I'm clumsy) is the fact that the packaging is glass. The pump also takes some getting used to, it's really easy to pump too much out (you'll figure it out though).

If you are in need, (or not in need of a new concealer) do yourself a favour and get this! If you're not convinced by my rambling, or are hesitant to spend $32 (9ml) straight up, go and get a sample from your local M.A.C counter.

What is your favourite concealer?

All opinions shared are my own.


  1. Thanks to you I have just purchased this Concealer and am obsessed . Thank you!! X

  2. Awesome! you wont be able to go a day without wearing it! :-)

  3. Nicole Marie Chantal Ingvall24 September 2013 at 00:57

    I have this on my list to try next!

  4. Definitely on my list too! I feel a makeup haul coming on...

  5. Everybeauty Talks3 February 2014 at 23:49

    Once you grab this you will wonder how you lived without it!



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