February Favourites

Friday, 1 March 2013

Each month I plan to share with you my five favourite products. So drum roll! My favourite products for February (in no particular order) are...

1. M.A.C Pressed Blot Powder.
An alternative to blotting paper this powder is a must for my handbag. Retailing for $36 for 12 grams, this powder contains mica and silica to absorb oil from the skin and give you a matte finish. The powder puff allows for a non-cakey application on the go. If you’re someone who gets oily and shiny throughout the day, this is for you!

2. Revlon Eyebrow Crayon.
If you know me you would know that I feel naked if I haven't defined my brows everyday. At $21.95 for 0.28 grams it's a little bit pricey compared to other on the market, but it lasts all day, goes on smoothly and doesn't look chalky like some other brow products on the market. The little brow comb allows for blending and I am also loving the fact that its a wind up pencil (which means no sharpening). I use the colour 'blonde' and I'm really happy with it. I find some lighter shades have an orange undertone, but this one doesn't.  I have even got my mum onto this and we both plan to repurchase.

3. Lush Lip Exfoliator.
Roughly $10 for 25 grams, this stuff is delicious! No, I don't eat it but it is edible. You simply take a really small amount of the scrub and buff in small circular motions along your lips. You can also apply and rub your lips together. This lip exfoliator is a must if you suffer from dry lips... no one wants chaffed lips when wearing lipstick, as lipstick just makes this problem more apparent.

Lush lip exfoliator has castor oil and other nourishing ingredients to treat your lips to some moisture and conditioning as well. It comes in a few different flavours. I got Mint Julips because it smells like mint slice biscuits and I’m a sucker for them things, yummo!

4. M.A.C Prep + Prime Lash Primer.
When I first tried this I was a little sceptical as to if it would actually make a difference to my lashes, but OMG I cannot rave about this product enough. I am a mascara fanatic and this stuff has seriously impressed me. For $32 you get fuller, longer looking lashes; not only does your mascara stay on longer, it is easier to remove. Since I purchased this I haven't gone a day without wearing it. 

I also find that when I curl my lashes and apply this the curl stays longer. I honestly cannot recommend this enough. I will definitely, no doubt about it, be purchasing this lash primer again.

5. Benefit Box-O-Powder in 'Hervana'.
Loving this blushing powder, and have for a while to be honest. $51 for 8 grams and comes with a really good quality angled brush (not one of those cheap hard brushes its impossible to blend with).

I have had this blush for over a year and have only just run out. It is so pigmented that I don’t mind the $51 price tag (especially considering I pretty much wore my last box everyday and got over a year out of it). I also find this blush goes with most lipsticks and doesn't clash with them (I can wear reds and pinks with this blush).

If you love soft but noticeable blush with a ever so slight presence of shimmer I highly recommend you try this!


Have you tried any of my february favourites?

All opinions shared are my own.


  1. where can you buy the lip scrub from? thanks for the great tips! keep them coming :)

  2. I tried the mint julips lip scrub last night and it is amazing! it left my lips soft and smooth and my lipstick glided on perfectly afterwards. Would def recommend this for anyone with dry lips.


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